Get active and contribute to a healthier local environment at the same time!

Benefits of being
involved include:

Queenslanders have for far too long been frustrated by litter in public spaces, damaging the environment and detracting from the amenity and utility of our community spaces.

Enhancing and preserving the natural environment.

Making our roads and public spaces safer and more attractive.

Working as a team. Reconnecting with neighbours and the community. Encouraging reduced littering behaviour.

Litter legends in action

Adopt-a-Spot mobilises an army of community-focused organisations and individuals


Groups pledge to carry out their activities on a regular basis - at least four times a year, however many groups conduct more frequent clean-ups or revegetation activities..

Keep Queensland Beautiful

Our programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Keep Queensland Beautiful is a non-profit, volunteer driven environmental movement (charity). We encourage a state-wide network of grassroots volunteers, who work to deliver a clean, litter-free environment.

We receive no government funding - we rely on the support (donations/sponsorship) and membership fees of the Queensland community.

The environmental outcomes of our programs include; increased environmental awareness and action, reduced litter, improved resource management and a cleaner, greener Queensland. Outcomes for communities include; good corporate citizenship, pride and empowerment.

Removing the burden of costly clean-ups from Council,

allows public money to be spent on other priorities in the community.