Working as a team for a cleaner, litter-free Queensland

Get active and contribute to a healthier local environment at the same time!

How it works

Adopt-a-Spot supports volunteers to undertake coordinated litter clean-ups and other activities in approved public spaces in their community.

Groups pledge to carry out their activities on a regular basis - at least four times a year, however many groups conduct more frequent clean-ups or revegetation activities. Adopt-a-Spot groups are encouraged to take 'ownership' of their adopted area, which will result in increased civic pride and a noticeable reduction in litter.

It is up to the interested group to decide on the area they wish to adopt (road corridors require a minimum of 2km) and register their interest with Keep Queensland Beautiful.

Applications are assessed and forwarded to the local authority for additional assessment. Once preliminary approval is received, Keep Queensland Beautiful will liaise with the group leader to prepare a simple Site Safety Plan.

The Site Safety Plan ensures that any issues regarding personal safety are addressed; highlighting all potential hazards and obstacles that need further discussion.

At the completion of each activity, the group leader submits a data collection report to Keep Queensland Beautiful. This report gives us vital information about your work and helps us to provide you with ongoing support.

After four clean-ups in a twelve month period, permanent recognition signage is installed to acknowledge the efforts of your group and to inform the public the area is being cared for - this itself is a litter prevention tool.


Increase public awareness of the effects of littering.

Enhance and preserve the natural environment.

Reduce litter.

Protect marine and wildlife.

Improve public safety.

Identify and improve litter hotspots.

Beautify communities.

Get Involved

Step 1: Identify appropriate site for adoption.

Step 2: Register interest with Keep Queensland Beautiful.

Step 3: Site approved.

Step 4: Prepare Site Safety Plan.

Step 5: Sign agreement.

Step 6: Organise first clean-up event.


Adopt-a-Spot will generally involve the collection and removal of litter from an agreed site on a regular basis. Items such as paper, plastic wrappers, tyres, drink containers, cigarette butts, fast food packaging..


Groups may wish to include graffiti removal from bridge structures, roadside furniture and local amenities. Skilled groups may undertake painting murals to reduce the occurrence of vandalism.

Vegetation Planting

For suitably qualified and experienced groups, the scope of Adopt-a-Spot may be extended by agreement to include planting projects; maintaining revegetation or bushland rehabilitation and landscape initiatives.

Community Gardens

We now have a number of community garden projects that are not only reconnecting local communities, but also educating locals on locally-grown produce and healthier lifestyles.