Bringing community litter clean ups back home

Calamvale champions

By Lauren Grimshaw

After witnessing successful litter clean-ups in other parts of the world, members from the Mackay North Rotary Club decided to take action in their own community. The group has adopted a 2.14 kilometre stretch of the Mackay Bucasia Road, four-lane highway, that runs through North Mackay (Beaconsfield).

The group recently completed their second clean-up, with the amount of rubbish collected noticeably less than their first clean-up. A clear indication that Adopt-a-Spot is working towards reducing litter in our communities, but also that people tend to respect “cleaner communities” and that litter is magnetic – if left to accumulate, others will add to the trash.

The Mackay North Rotary Club has been together for over 45 years, and works primarily on community projects and local events. They have roughly 10 active volunteers taking part in the Adopt-a-Spot program, all of whom are passionate about keeping their local community clean and litter-free. The group is made up of a diverse team, from many backgrounds and ages.

The most significant challenge the group faces is the littering of food wrappers – with rubbish being tossed from car windows.

Larry Slattery, the team leader, recently travelled to America. On his vacation, he frequently saw signs for environmental and community organisations doing their bit to keep the highways and road corridors free of litter. Larry felt this was needed in Mackay and proposed the idea to his Rotary Club.

Their next clean-up is scheduled for November 19, with the group ¬†eager to recruit volunteers to join them, and encourage other local Clubs to adopt a patch in the Mackay community. Larry has even offered to help new groups with the sign up process. “At first the paperwork can be overwhelming to understand, so I’d be willing to help other organisations get started.” he said.

The Mackay North Rotary Club are on Facebook [click here]