These resources and guidelines have been developed to ensure the safety of our volunteers


Any interested individual, family, school, community group or business can adopt a section of road (subject to approval by the local authority), a local park or neighbourhood, a beach, creek or waterway.

The local authority, in association with Keep Queensland Beautiful will determine whether the proposed site is suitable (safe) for inclusion in the program.

Once a site has been approved, the group leader, with assistance from Keep Queensland Beautiful will prepare a Site Safety Plan to ensure that issues such as personal safety are addressed.

Clean-up kits consisting of safety vests, volunteer safety signs, sharps containers, gloves and litter bags are available to groups for purchase.

Forms and Guidelines

Risk warning

Safety guidelines

Activity report - data collection

Certificates for volunteers

Media release template

Road Safety

Safety rules are a vital part of the Adopt-a-Spot volunteer program. When you are concentrating on the job at hand it is easy to forget where you are.

Safety near the road is the responsibility of all of us. Particular safety rules for children must be adhere to. No children under 12 years of age in a roadway where the speed limit is of 80kms or more.

A lot of us are kids at heart, but no matter what your age please leave the horseplay at home.

Our road safety video has been developed with your safety in mind.

Every volunteer working near a roadway must watch the safety video (left) and sign the volunteer induction register.

Portable safety signs will be provided to approved groups. These must be erected at the beginning and end of your adopted site to warn motorists to slow down.

You must not direct or interfere with the normal flow of traffic.

You should understand that any activity is at your own risk and you must take care at all times.